Thursday, January 27, 2011

UCLA Winter 2011 colloquium schedule

UCLA Winter 2011 History of Science, Technology, and Medicine Colloquium Schedule

All talks are held in Bunche 5288 at 4pm.

January 10 – NO COLLOQUIUM

January 17 – NO COLLOQUIUM—Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

January 24 –Tanja Paulitz, University of Graz

“The Origin of ‘Technological Man’? Gendered Tales of the Modern Engineer's Prehistory”

January 31 – William Rankin, Yale University

“From Representation to Infrastructure: International Mapping Projects and the Logic of Territory after World War II”

Feb. 7: No colloquium

Feb. 14: Tiago Saraiva will present the talk originally scheduled for the previous week:

" F. J. Turner for Fascists: The Production/circulation of Standardized

Sheep and Frontier Settlement in the Empires of Hitler, Mussolini and


February 21 – NO COLLOQUIUM—President’s Day Holiday

February 28 – Marta Macedo, UCLA Center for Society and Genetics

"Inventing the Cocoa Islands: Science and the Portuguese Colonial Landscape”

March 7 – Norton Wise, UCLA

"Pegasus and the Muses of Art, Science, and Industry."

(pre-circulated paper)

This schedule will also shortly be posted on our website:

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