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Science and the Emotions Conference, Feb. 24-26, 2011

Science and the Emotions:
Transnational Emotional Cultures in the United States and Western Europe After 1945

February 24-26, 2011
The Village, Conference Room A
University of California, San Diego

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome and Introduction
Armin Owzar (UCSD, History): Welcome
Frank Biess (UCSD, History): Introduction

Keynote Address
William Reddy (Duke)

Friday, February 25, 2011

I) The Historical Relationship of the Sciences and the Emotions
* Chair: Daniel Gross (UCI English)
* Uffa Jensen (Max Planck Institute, Berlin, History), “An Era of Emotional Control? Emotions in the Human and Social Sciences in the Early 20th Century“
* Otniel E. Dror (Hebrew University, History of Medicine), "Physiologies of the Extreme"
* Cathy Gere, (UCSD, History), “Neurology on Trial: the 1973 Kennedy Hearings on Human Experimentation”
* Comment: Robert Westman (UCSD, History)


II) Disciplinary Perspectives: Pedagogy, Sociology, and Economics
* Chair: Ruth Leys (Johns Hopkins, The Humanities Center)
* Dirk Schumann (University of Göttingen, History), “From Emotionality To Objectivity and Back? Emotions in German Pedagogy after 1945”
* Helena Flam (University of Leipzig, Sociology), "Sociology - From Whimsical Classical Theorizing to the Sociology of Emotions"
* Ute Frevert (Max Planck Institute, Berlin), “The Economics of Emotions”
* Comment: Audience


III) Neurosciences and the Humanities: Conflict, Cooperation, Convergence?

a) Neuroscientific Approaches to Emotions
* Chair: Tal Golan (UCSD, History)
* Stephanie Preston (University of Michigan, Neuroscience), “The Neurophysiology of Emotion: A Dynamic Systems View"
* Willam Mobley (UCSD, Neuroscience), “The Brain Basis of Empathy”
* Comment: Audience


b) Perspectives from the Humanities
* Chair: Frank Biess (UCSD, History)
* Ruth Leys (Johns Hopkins University, The Humanities Center), "'Both of Us Disgusted in My Insula': The New Science of Emotional Empathy"
* Daniel M. Gross (UCI, English), “Defending the Humanities with Charles Darwin’s The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals”
* David Pederson (UCSD, Anthropology), “Brain-Mind-Culture-History: Toward a Relationally Dynamic Perspective in the Era of Neoliberal 'Globalization'
* Comment: Audience

Saturday, February 26, 2011

IV) Emotions, Science, and Race
* Chair: Helena Flam (Univ. of Leipzig, Sociology)
* Nayan Shah (UCSD, History), “Emotions and Non-violent Resistance Movements in the 20th Century"
* Jordanna Bailkin (University of Washington, History), “Decolonizing Emotion: The Science of Affect in the New World Order"
* Roddey Reid (UCSD, Literature), "Affect and Everyday Life: Gilles Deleuze and Brian Massumi"
* Comment: Pamela Radcliff (UCSD, History)


V) Case Studies 1: Emotions in Holocaust Historiography
* Chair: Ute Frevert (Berlin, MPI, History)
* Alon Confino (University of Virginia), “The Third Reich of Emotions”
* Judith Hughes (UCSD, History), “Interpreting the Holocaust: The Revival of Psychological History”
* Armin Owzar (UCSD, History), “Emotions in Holocaust Historiography”
* Comment: Deborah Hertz (UCSD, History)


VI) Case Studies 2: Fear and Anxiety in War and Postwar
* Chair: Otniel Dror (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
* Rebecca Plant (UCSD, History), “Combat Exhaustion Among American Soldiers in World War II”
* Bettina Hitzer (Max Planck Institute, Berlin), “Cancerous Emotions in Germany”
* Claudia Koonz, (Duke, History), “Ethnic Panic in Germany and Western Europe”
* Comment: Michael Schuering (UC-Berkeley, History)


Final Discussion

Sponsored by:

Division of Arts & Humanities, UC San Diego

Fritz Thyssen Foundation

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Department of History, UC San Diego

Institute for International, Comparative, and Area Studies (IICAS)

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