Monday, May 14, 2012

New journal

Outlining Contemporary Problems.

Issue #2 Crowds and Clouds is now available!

Limn is a scholarly magazine focused on contemporary problems in our global, politically interconnected, technologically intense culture. Limn is timely, diverse in perspective, authoritative, well written and beautifully designed.  Since 2011 we have produced three issues, and more are in the works.  Limn appears as needed and includes contributors from across the social and human sciences. Come take a look:
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Issue #2:Crowds and Clouds

>From the power and politics of statistics and algorithms to crowdsourcing’s discontents to the capriciousness of collectives in an election; from the focus group and the casino to the worlds of micro-finance and data-intensive policing.
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Issue #1:Systemic Risk

A central topic of expert discussion and political debate amidst the financial crisis, but also across many other domains in which catastrophic threats loom – including internet security, supply chain management, catastrophe insurance, and critical infrastructure protection.
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Issue #0:Prototyping Prototyping

Before there was LIMN, there were prototypes. Prototyping cultures, social experimentation, do-it-yourself science and beta-knowledge. 
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