Monday, March 19, 2012

Fellowship for UC Students


The deadline for this open and general call for proposals is COB on April 15, 2012.

The Center of Expertise in Women's Health & Empowerment believes that advances in women's health globally are impeded by poverty, limited access to educational and economic opportunities, gender bias and discrimination, unjust laws, and insufficient state accountability. These forces intersect to restrict access to vital women's health services and the information that women need to improve their lives. By prioritizing women's health concerns, rights, and empowerment, the COE is uniquely poised to catalyze societal-level changes that will yield sustainable improvements in health and well-being for women on a global scale. We believe that it is vital that we train the next generation of professionals across all disciplines to work collaboratively toward realizing these goals.

Mission: We envision a world in which all women and girls are empowered and healthy. Our mission is to promote justice, equity and scientific advances to reduce gender and health disparities globally. Grounded in human rights principles, our approach is interdisciplinary and transformative. Through innovative research, education and international collaboration, we build and strengthen the capacity of the next generation of leaders in women's health and empowerment. Our core activities focus on assuring safe motherhood, reducing violence against women, improving access to family planning and reproductive technologies, advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights, preventing HIV/AIDS, and reducing environmental threats to women's health.

Student Grant: The Women's Health and Empowerment Center of Expertise (COE), one of three COEs in the University of California Global Health Institute, is calling for fellowship proposals to fund 4-5 student scholarships totaling $20,000. Awards will be granted to successful proposals submitted by UC graduate and professional level students across different disciplines for completing fellowships or conducting research related to women’s health and empowerment in the United States or abroad during summer or fall of 2012.

Grant Purpose and Eligibility: Our goal is to provide funding support for current University of California graduate and professional level students from a diversity of disciplinary backgrounds to collaborate with UC faculty to complete fellowships or conduct exploratory research in the areas of women's health and women’s empowerment. We aim to support research that specifically investigates the intersection and interrelated nature of these two areas. Students with a stronger background in one of the two areas are encouraged to venture into the less familiar area. Doctoral students should not use this fellowship to conduct dissertation research, but could do exploratory research to inform or prepare for later dissertation research. Postdoctoral students and students who already graduated are not eligible.

Applications for funding should not exceed 2 pages and include the following:
University, department, year, discipline-based program, expected date of graduation, and current GPA (unofficial
transcript sufficient).
A description of fellowship and research topic. Please be aware that in order to receive funding, any planned research including human subjects must allocate sufficient time to complete the potentially lengthy IRB process before your departure.
A paragraph describing your motivation and background qualifying you for your project, and how it can help you to work toward your post-UC career objectives.
A paragraph explaining how your research is aligned with the COE’s focus areas of women's health and empowerment.
The \ location where you plan to conduct your research and the host institution (if applicable). Include research objectives, the methodology you will be using, and the dates you will be there. Include a letter of support from the UC faculty member supporting your fellowship, and (if applicable) a letter of support from the host institution (if not available in time for submission please note the date by which you expect to obtain the letter of support).
A budget detailing the amount of funding you need, itemizing the specific expenses (flight, insurance, living expenses etc.). Also include information on any other funding you have received or are applying for.

Please send an electronic copy of the application to Lindsey Zwicker, COE Coordinator, at

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