Friday, July 30, 2010

IHC Geographies of Place

For the *2010-2011 academic year*, the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center will sponsor a series of events entitled "*Geographies of Place*." The series will explore ideas of place and how they have been produced through mapping, media, and imaginative labor. The work of settlement and statecraft, social practice and cultural perception, place has historically been the source of both solace and struggle.

Geographies of Place will examine the ways in which space is demarcated by identity and memory, possession and destination. In a moment when globalization, environmentalism, cognitive science, and networked media are transforming our notions of geographical space, it is crucial to contemplate our historical and contemporary perceptions of place. For more information on the series, visit:

*We are seeking faculty and graduate students who might like to
collaborate with the IHC on events in this series. Please contact IHC
Acting Director Ann Bermingham or Associate Director Emily Zinn with suggestions or ideas for potential collaboration.*

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