Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New SIO community and science graduate course

New graduate-level course in the fall quarter of 2010:
SIO 209 Community-Based Science
Fri 2-4pm IGPP 3110


SIO 209 Community-Based Science will explore the theory and practice of developing authentic, two-way, respectful connections between universities and communities, with a particular emphasis on UCSD and City Heights.

The course will focus on critiquing current university structures and exploring alternative methods of conducting science research and education. Participants will engage in weekly discussions, participate in the science education program at a high school in City Heights, mentor high school students, interview community organizers and prepare a proposal for changes in university practice to foster better connections to working class communities.


For details, check out the course website:

additional information about the course will be added to the website over the summer. please contact Professor Brad Werner with questions:

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