Monday, February 8, 2010

Victor Stenger Lecture, Sat., Feb. 20

What Can Science Say About God and the Afterlife?
Saturday, February 20
3:30 PM Lecture
UCSD Student Services Center Multi-Purpose Room
Free and open to the public – no tickets or reservations required

The claim has been made that reason and science supply new and persuasive evidence for the existence of God and the afterlife. A creator God is said to be supported by the apparent fine-tuning of the physical parameters of the universe to make life possible. The afterlife is suggested by studies of past-life memories, near-death experiences, and various paranormal claims. Furthermore, quantum mechanics has supposedly provided reason to believe that consciousness is a separate entity from our bodies and brains and thus able to survive death. New York Times bestselling author Dr. Victor Stenger will examine these claims from the point of view of a physicist who spent forty years studying the fundamental structure of the universe.

Stenger, who received a doctorate in Physics from UCLA in 1963, taught at the University of Hawaii, retiring to Colorado in 2000. He is currently an adjunct professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado and emeritus professor of physics at the University of Hawaii. Dr. Stenger has also held visiting positions on the faculties of universities in Germany, England, and Italy.

Dr. Stenger's distinguished research career has spanned the period of great progress in elementary particle physics to very high-energy gamma ray and neutrino astronomy. He also is the author of nine critically acclaimed popular science books about physics, cosmology, philosophy, religion, and pseudoscience. His 2007 book, God: The Failed Hypothesis; How Science Shows that God Does Not Exist New York Times bestseller. His latest books, which came out in 2009, are Quantum Gods and The New Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason.

Dr. Stenger will be speaking at the UCSD Student Services Center Multi-Purpose Room (first floor) located on Matthews Quad at the corner of Rupertus Way and Myers Drive (southeast of the Price Center). Books will be available for sale beginning at 3:00 PM. Signing after the lecture. Public parking is nearby at the Gilman Parking Structure (intersection of Gilman Drive and Villa La Jolla Drive).

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