Thursday, September 17, 2009

PhD Student Programming - Fall 2009

The Academic Job Search
Horizon Room | Career Services Center
Wednesday, September 23
4:30 – 6:30 pm

This 2-hour seminar* focuses on the beginning stages of a faculty job search and includes the latest information concerning:

The Inside track: A general overview of the current state of American academia, networking, and how to find a job

Creating Your Written Credentials: CV, cover letter, teaching portfolio and recommendation basics

Get a head start preparing to go On the Market next fall. This workshop is offered once-a-year and designed to provide a basic overview of the Academic Job Search process from both a liberal arts (teaching focused) and research-focused institutional perspective. It also helps current graduate students figure out how to present their credentials—on paper and in person—in the strongest possible manner. To register, simply log into or create a Port Triton account @

*We regret to announce that due to budgetary constraints the Career Services Center is unable to host the traditional three-part Academic Job Search Series, which included a faculty panel (representing UCSD and local area universities) and networking buffet..

Mastering the Academic Interview for Ph.D.s
Wednesday, October 14
4:30-6:30 pm
Round Room | Career Services Center

I Have an Interview, Now What?
Set yourself apart! Conferences, Search Committees, the Job Talk, and Negotiations

Practice answering typical committee questions (on-camera) and receive immediate feedback from a career advisor and your peers. This workshop helps you articulate clearly who you are and what you want to do, create an effective and comfortable dialogue, and develop questions that will ensure you are making the right decision when accepting an offer. Space is limited, and registration is REQUIRED by calling 858.534.3750.

Converting a CV to a Résumé
Thursday, November 5
12:00-1:00 pm
Horizon Room | Career Services Center

Résumés often differ drastically from CVs. This workshop introduces graduate students to basic strategies for converting a CV into an effective resume. Graduate students are also introduced to the concept of “transferable skills” and given the latest information regarding current industry needs and resume styles. To register, simply log into or create a Port Triton account @

It’s Never Too Early to Think About the Job Search
Start Learning About and Preparing for Life After Graduate School
Wednesday, October 28
12:00-1:00 pm
Mandeville East (next to the Art of Espresso) |UCSD

This workshop focuses on early preparation basics (even during the first year) for life after graduate school, whether you plan a transition into academia or beyond. Don’t wait until your last year, or when the pressure mounts, to prepare for your inevitable career transition: recognize your transferable skills and accomplishments, start making contacts, and explore the true breadth of opportunities for master’s and Ph.D. students! To register, simply log into or create a Port Triton account @

The Expanded Job Market for Ph.D.s: Patent Law Career Talk
Dr. Larry S. Millstein, Ph.D., UC San Diego ‘87
Wednesday, November 4
5:00-6:30 pm
Horizon Room | Career Services Center

Are you a graduate student with a science background and an interest in law? Come hear from a UCSD Chemistry Ph.D. Alumnus about career options in intellectual property law. Learn about his career path and how you can explore and prepare for opportunities in patent law. To register, simply log into or create a Port Triton account @

Co-sponsored by the Alumni Affairs, Department of Physical Sciences.

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