Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It’s Never Too Early to Think About the Job Search

Start Learning About and Preparing for Life After Graduate School

Thursday, July 23
12-1:30pm | Horizon Room
Career Services Center (Library Walk)

This workshop focuses on early preparation basics (even during the first year) for life after graduate school, whether you plan a transition into academia or beyond. Don’t wait until your last year, or when the pressure mounts, to prepare for your inevitable career transition: learn what skills are highly sought-after—especially in the private and public sectors—recognize your transferable skills and accomplishments, start making contacts, and explore the true breadth of career opportunities for Ph.D. and master’s students! To register, simply Log in to your Port Triton account.
Knowledge that is a must know for all graduate students in order to conduct a successful job search during these tough economic times.

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